Fuck, they’re getting loud again
Holy shit, why won’t this ever end?

All these voices together are louder than anything i’ve heard
Banging my head against the wall won’t make them go
People are looking at me like i’m fucking mentally disturbed
How would they know they are the ones who make me so?

Oh, closer than my shadow
You’re deep down inside my head
Don’t ever want to hear you anymore
I only want you to shut the fuck up

Wait, it seems they’re lower now
Close my eyes, let my heartbeats slow down

At the ATM i heard that guy’s pincode through his thoughts
I realized i could make this curse a blessing
I killed my girlfriend when she thought my brother was hot
I don’t need her or anyone as long as my power is growing

Oh, Closer than your shadow
I’m deep down inside your head
Don’t you ever leave me on my own
Don’t you ever dare shut the fuck up

Fuck, it’s been days since they left
Holy shit, i’d rather lose a hand

Why did you shut the fuck up?

Oh, i’m lost in the shadows
Emptiness filling my head
I won’t ever hear you anymore
Just why did you have to shut the fuck up?


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