Paroles – Personal Big Bang

Personal Big Bang One by one we’re leaving this place I know i’ll be the last one waiting It might take seconds or it might take days The timing doesn’t depend on me I remember when we were six No way to tell one from another A separate room for each All alone but all … Lire la suite

Paroles: Long Time no News

Long Time No News Can’t hear you talk Can’t hear you walk Can’t smell your smell Or catch my breath All over this place that was once our home Can’t hear your voice Or touch your eyes The beginning of my demise Is here, you have been missing for so long Only you can make … Lire la suite

Paroles: The Wine Incident

The Wine Incident It started out as a quick mental note Something you’d write down, to think about it later Not like something you keep worrying about Or an unstoppable time eater But soon it grew to become stronger It wouldn’t go and let me sleep Stuck in the back of my mind forever With … Lire la suite

Paroles: Time passing by

Time passing by i can feel time passing by grabbing pieces of me on its way on my skin it’s drawing lines it’s turning my colours into grey never thought that day would come thought that i would always be the same but my brighter days are gone ahead of me only darkness remains the … Lire la suite

Paroles: Lolaboard

Fuck, they’re getting loud again Holy shit, why won’t this ever end? All these voices together are louder than anything i’ve heard Banging my head against the wall won’t make them go People are looking at me like i’m fucking mentally disturbed How would they know they are the ones who make me so? Oh, … Lire la suite

Paroles: So Sorry

Everything’s been so perfect ever since i met you Things couldn’t have been better But in a way you did what you had to do You flew away almost forever It’s getting so much harder each day that goes by Being with you away from you Frustration growing deeper everytime i hear you cry What … Lire la suite

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